Despite our high hopes, the future sucks. The technology we had hoped would push us forward has instead been twisted to exploit and control us. This site formed to document the daily steps society takes towards dystopia, one innovation at a time.

Our politics are radical and we examine the world through that same lens. We don't pretend there is such a thing as an unbiased news source and color our posts as such. We are against oppression and unjust hierarchies in all the forms it takes. We believe many of the problems we write about are the result of structural issues and can only be fixed through reorganizing all aspects of our society.

All materials on this site are released under various open culture licenses. Most written content is published under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. If you would like us to release something under a more permissive license, please contact us and we will be happy to do so.

We will never use ads. This means no popups, no banners, and no sidebars as well as more insidious forms of "native" advertising. At this time we do not accept donations, but instead encourage you to donate to one of the many organizations pushing back against this dark future. Some of our favorites include the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Free Software Foundation, the Tor Project, GnuPG, the Guardian Project, or any of the many open source dev teams devoted to giving us a better, open, and more free future.

Full disclosure, we're tracking you right now - but we've gone out of our way to make sure we're doing it in the most responsible and least invasive (and exploitative) way possible.

To start, this site uses no externally loaded elements. That means no Google Fonts, no jQuery libraries, no questionable free CDN providers, no Google Analytics, etc. Everything is served locally and we use a self hosted instance of the open source analytic platform Piwik. We respect Do-Not-Track (DNT) though you can manually opt out here. Our logs are anonymized before storage (though admittedly, it's trivial to reidentify users). Everything works perfectly well without javascript (though it looks prettier with it on).

This site runs entirely on open source software even down to our theme which we released under an open source license on our github. Additionally you can find all our content on our github complete with edit and revision history post initial publication.

An American runs the site and the server is located in France. He has not been contacted by law enforcement regarding this website or the server it runs on. He doesn't really believe in warrant canaries (nor does he think this site benefits from having one), but all the cool kids are doing it and he doesn't want to feel left out.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact us. Our keys are available here.